I Love You Phillip Morris: Ecstatic

I always enjoy a good caper.  Like Catch Me If You Can, this movie runs through escapade after adventure after near-death experience, then starts topick up.

Like Catch Me If You Can, I Love You Phillip Morris is about the main character’s search for his identity.  Unlike Catch Me, Phillip Morris’s protagonist is, in his own words, “gay, gay, gay, gay, GAY!”

The movie starts with Jim Carrey living in suburbia with a wife and kid.  After the aforementioned near-death experience, he comes out, moves to Florida, and begins a new life.  Adventures, hijinks, and scrapes ensue.

Of course, all these lead him to prison, where he meets Ewan McGregor, utterly convincing as a loveable naif.  Then the story itself really begins.  Jim Carrey begins to run cons “for” his lover, which inevitably drives them further apart.

I recommend you see this movie.  With whom you see it is up to you.  Maybe those “fun” cousins.  Or save it for a New Year’s Day restorative measure.


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