Be the Ball

There is a disturbing lack of intensity in my everyday interactions. Nothing seems to matter too much, nothing warrants raised voices, nothing is too too important. Maybe I’m interacting with people who came from houses where inside voices were a real thing, not the false social more they truly are.

Yeah, what we need is intensity! The ability to throw oneself headlong into something, anything, and feel alive! And since I haven’t been able to find enough subscribers to my belief in “saying what you think,” I have turned to the theater.
Actors are the most obvious example of headlong faith in what one is doing. That fourth wall is the best thing for getting rid of the normal neuroses that keep us from relating to each other.
Am I being too hard on us all? Maybe. But that is only because I have been to the other side–and I have seen that it is good! I have experienced absolute happy dorkiness and lived to tell the tale. How did this happen? The One Man Lord of the Rings, that’s how!
Maybe you think it would be a stretch to fit 1137 pages and three motion pictures into one frenetic hour. Well, prepare to be amazed. For one more day only, Charles Ross will appear in his one-man show, in which all the major characters appear and gallivant over the bare stage. Now, maybe he can do this because he has been performing since his One Man Star Wars since 2001, or maybe it’s because he is Canadian. Or maybe it is that he is a self-proclaimed “professional geek.”
Is self-labeling the answer? Should all the geeks go see this show and all the whatever-elses go somewhere else equally identifiable? I don’t know. This line of thinking is exploding. For now, please run, don’t walk, to see this show tomorrow. After that, Charles Ross will take his Canadian self-confidence with him down the road, and we will be left here, wondering who we are.

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  1. David E. says:

    First: the show is awesome. Second: I've found that if I'm around those that won't be offended by my geeky way of doing things, things get more intense. Otherwise they look at me strangely as I sit at a table and read philosophy at Rocket Bar.

  2. Joel says:

    sadly, there are many people out there who actually crave being dull. i'll never understand it.

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