Ahhhhhh, rain! Rain rain rain rain! Umbrellas are no use, just grab your keys and RUN! Run run run rain rain rain run run!

The drops are the size of small gerbils and can melt the top layer of your epidermis. Please, stay indoors at all costs!

Is it over? Okay. It’s over. That was close. I thought I was going to lose you. How do you feel? You agree that this has been the most insane year for weather? Me too! It was the Snowpocalypse when the government shut down, then the heat waves that keep coming, making the entire outdoors feel like the inside of a hairdryer. Then the gerbil-sized rain! I know! INSANE!

Okay. I’m just glad we’re both okay. Alright. You’re not scared? I’ll leave this light on for you.


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