People Are Strange

I have something to say.  And even I don’t want to hear it.  But coming from a group dance class as I have, I have to say: Ladies, do not go to these classes with your friends!  You will just annoy everyone else.

Maybe I was wishing I had been there with a friend I could titter and giggle to, but as it happened, the two girls in front of me took every possible opportunity to (probably not purposefully) distract me from concentrating on my kick-ball-chain with inane goofing-off.

This made me wonder what I look like to strangers when I’m joking around with a friend.  Probably just as dumb and annoying.

What can be done about this cloying issue?  It’s hard to tell people not to have friends.  But I do notice that in a crowd of strangers (or a hip hop dance class full of strangers) I feel very comfortable in my own skin, very cognizant of the fact that no one knows me and that I can do whatever I want.  Also, in a crowd of strangers, there isn’t anyone to be an idiot with; you’re all slightly less idiotic individually.

Whatever you decide, remember, we can all still see you, even when you’re talking amongst yourselves.


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