Rep Your Hood, DC

What does that mean, rep your hood?  I suppose it means that when people ask you where you live, then say, Oh, that’s not DC, you jump across the table and swipe their head off with a katana, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies-style.

Or you could just jut out your chin the slightest bit and say, I really love it there.  Then saunter off to talk to someone more interesting.

You can also do things to show the world how much you love it there.  You can subscribe to your local blog (or just select the News Near You on TBD.  You can wear things (made by local artist Joel Church, no less)that pronounce your love to the world.  You can bumper sticker your car or bike.  You could even shop local.

But in a city as transient as DC, how far does this neighborhood pride go?  I’d say not very far.  OK, maybe about as far as an American Apparel t-shirt can stretch.  So, pretty far after all!  If life is dictated by circumstances, it’s really no one’s fault that DC is transient, and being transient isn’t really a bad thing.  So go love your neighborhood, DC!  Life’s there to be lived!

Also, if you live in District 6B08 in Eastern Market, vote for Laura McSorely for your ANC Commissioner.  If not, go see Red in theaters.  It’s great.


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  1. jkc says:

    i echo Chloe’s sentiment – this guy Joel’s stuff is awesome. buy some today!

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