The Sun’ll Come Out

Thank you for voting!  The results are in, the results of which are…a beautiful fall day today!  You are welcome.

Fall can be beautiful (when it’s not too rainy, windy, cold or dry).  It can mean bonfires, hayrides, football games, maple syrup, and Daylight Savings.  But what it means most to me at this moment in time is…applesauce.

You scoff.  I had enough applesauce in kindergarten to last a lifetime. Oh ho!  You have not tried this applesauce.  This applesauce puts all out-of-the-jar incarnations to shame, silly, silly shame.

Try it out this weekend.  Maybe you’re going apple picking (or have friends who went apple picking).  Not only will the result be delicious and fallish, the cooking cinnamon will fill your kitchen with the smell of fall (all the magical leaf-crunching crispness of it, with none of the runny noses).


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