When Life Gives You Lemons

It’s all DC’s fault, really.  DC takes normally caring individuals, fresh out of colleges where “see you in the dining hall” means just that, and turns them into flaky, busy-for-busyness’s-sake Metro lackeys.

Too harsh?  Perhaps.  But imagine my dismay when I come home to one night of highly anticipated relaxation after many full evenings to find that [gasp!] the one time I opened a good bottle of wine (not Two Buck Chuck, which I love, but come on), it has gone bad.

Thinking back, I now know that it has been almost two weeks since the uncorking.  Of course it’s gone bad.  I railed against DC, making me into one of these business-casual paper pushers, one of these go-home-before-the-last-Metro buzz-kills at parties, just a member of a faceless mass…no no no! Of course, I am none of those things.  No one is, entirely.

Thankfully, I got some good advice from a friend, and I’m going to pass it on to you: just make sangria! If life changes your plans and makes them vinegary and boring, stir that pot and make it something unexpected and sweet.  Not to sound too much like a self-help book, but smile.

Now for my own personal sangria recipe.  I observed a vat of sangria being made in a cave in Madrid.  Don’t believe me?  I smile at you.

In a large bowl, mix 1 part brandy, 1 part grenadine, 5 parts sugar, 5 parts lemon soda, 5 parts club soda, and a lot of wine.  Add chopped apples and oranges.  Steep, serve over ice.

Or, if you are in dire straights like I was today, just add chopped fruit, sugar, and club soda to said wine, and serve over ice.  Take a large gulp.  Enjoy.


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  1. jkc says:

    if life gives you melons, you might be dyslexic.

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