You Gotta Know Where To Look

OMG, you guys!  You will not believe what I found at the Little Miss Whiskey’s garage sale this Sunday!  OK, maybe after seeing the picture at left you’ll have a pretty good idea.  A bundt cake shaped like a castle!  I never knew I wanted one!

Thank goodness for Little Miss Whiskey’s, really.  I would never have known what I was missing.  Much like this very blog, Little Miss Whiskey’s brought me something that, while I never knew I was looking for it, proceeded to make my day.  Besides the cake pan, I found a loving home for some awesome Motown records from my new friend Neil at Som Records (14th and T, NW).  Sadly, I passed on a super cool Pentax film camera for $20, a bunch of frames and “original pressing” concert posters, and a moving statue of a dog.

Now back to Little Miss Whiskey’s.  First, I know this bar is super cool because there is no sign above the door.  This is a step above the Red Derby, which, while excellent in its own way, has a picture of a red derby above the door.  Not enough to turn away the rif-raf though.  Second, Little Miss Whiskey’s is friendly.  This is no small feat.  Friendly, in DC, really? Yeah, really.  Third, the beer list is nothing to scoff at.  I’ll admit to not being crazy about the Stroh’s (my own fault for going too lowbrow–PBR, I will never cheat on you again), but Tom will fix you up with something you do like if you ask him.

So, to review.  Little Miss Whiskey’s: a wonderful place.  It is a bar full of good people, there is a free whiskey tasting the last Tuesday of every month, and I had a stupendous time at their DC Shorts film screening a while back.

Little Miss Whiskey’s, corner of 11th and H, NE.  But remember, there’s no sign, so look for the Saints flags.  And good luck.

Any questions?


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  1. OctaviusIII says:

    I love Little Miss Whisky’s! Thanks to CaBi, H Street is coming onto my radar again, and I can’t wait to get back to that bar.

    1. Who’s CaBi? Anyway, yes, I met the owner the other day. He’s a righteous dude. Want to come to the next Scotch tasting?

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