Happy Carnival!

That’s right, it’s Carnival already!  I knew something would come along to help me through these long months of short days.  Carnival starts with Epiphany (the Twelfth Day of Christmas and Twelfth Night) and continues to Ash Wednesday.  Then it’s Spring!

I celebrated Epiphany at Little Miss Whiskey’s Golden Dollar.  There couldn’t have been a more perfect place to continue my education of Cajun celebrations.  Resident experts gave me a mask and beads and coached me in the intricacies of the different crews for the Mardi Gras parades.

Little Miss Whiskey’s is the sister bar to Jimmy Valentine’s Lonely Hearts Club on Bladensburg Road.  If you or anyone you know is from Louisiana, now is the time to sample the Koolaid.  Saturday at 4:30 will find Saints fans watching the first playoff game while enjoying the extensive beer list.

And the last Tuesday of each month lushes and connoisseurs mix at the free whiskey tastings at 7:30.  Whoever is behind the bar, Mark, Ellis or Vince, is sure to make you feel happy you came.



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