Polaroids: Not Just An App

I love it when a plan comes together.

What started as just the idea and lifelong passion of Victoria Milkovich (damn, I love these Polaroids), came to fruition with a packed show opening at Sova on Thursday night.

Victoria has adored Polaroids since childhood.  One day, she mentioned to Philippa Hughes (The Pink Line Project) that she’d like to do something with them and blammo! The snowball started rolling and she has a hot show at everyone’s favorite wine bar/coffee shop on H Street.

The show really is fantastic.  Besides Victoria’s own Polaroids from home, many DC artists contributed pictures.

Some are simply framed in a groups of three or six, some have two possible meanings (“role playing/lawn care,” “fame/sexual prowess”) written directly on the label, one large piece was made up of the different parts of one nude woman: shoulder cleft, side of the nose, Cupid’s bow–a cubist take on retro.  A few photos have comments written below, sweet or snarky.  A favorite series peeled the film from the Polaroid itself directly onto the frame, making a blotchy, acid-like representation of an indeterminable something.  All the Polaroids, with their light, focus, and color issues, are perfectly imperfect.

It really is all about presentation though, folks.  As cool as the pictures are, they wouldn’t seem nearly as amazing if you picked one up out of a shoebox.  And this presentation is very near perfect.  Sova is a perfect place for an exhibit.  The early crowd had no idea there was even a show that night, so happy were they with their usual spot for a drink and a conversation.  When the hordes of accessorized art fans began to pour in, they were a little startled.  But the mix made things more fun.

The show runs upstairs and downstairs at Sova until February 20.


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