Charmed at Bistro d’Oc

There’s always something new to discover in DC.  And in life. I was just walking around thinking that the region between Chinatown and Metro Center (E, F, G and H Streets between 9th and 10th) was a lost hinterland of office buildings and tourists wandering into Madame Tussaud’s.  I also had no idea about the delightful cuisine of the Languedoc, a province of Southern France.

Both of these sad instances of ignorance have been rectified however.  At Bistro d’Oc, at 518 10th Street, I found a perfectly charming little hole in the wall across from Ford’s Theater.

The storefront really is a hole in the wall, as you must walk past a construction facade to find the front door, painted a striking deep blue.  Once inside, the French bistro flavor really begins to settle on you.  The small intimate tables and open floor plan can make for a boisterous pre-theater experience or a relaxed long dinner on off-nights.

I recommend taking advantage of the Pre-Theater Menu and just not going to the theater (gasp!).  At the better-than-Restaurant-Week price of $21.95, you get three courses and a glass of wine.  As we all know, Monday’s are dark at the theater, so take the opportunity to start your week off right with a leisurely and extremely civilized French dinner.

The food is, of course, exceptional.  Without trying too hard, the chef serves up dishes to make you think you really are in a French bistro in the south of France.  The soup is creamy and heavy with flavor, the bread is crusty French cafe bread, and the pours of wine are generous.  The assortment of meats is always fun to share–trying new things is what it’s all about, after all.


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  1. Balazs says:

    Truly a hidden gem. It’s been one of my favorites for years! A relatively quiet, civilized place to enjoy an excellent meal in comfortable surroundings. Don’t blog about it too much, please!

  2. jkc says:

    i’ve been here before. definitely a good hidden gem!

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