Last Straw, WaPo

I am writing in a fit of pique.  Who are those jokers at The Washington Post Weekend to patronize my knowledge of the city?

Okay, they might be pretty savvy jokers in order to get me to take their stupid quiz.

My results to questions like “Which house was home to onetime richest woman in the country, Marjorie Merriweather Post?  A. Dumbarton Oaks  B. Tudor Place  C. The Old Stone House  D. Hillwood Estate” and “Which of these DC acts has the highest charting go-go soung on the Hot 100 Billboard charts?  A. Chuck Brown  B. E.U.  C. Trouble Funk  D. Rare Essence” were both wrong!  Its Hillwood Estate and E.U., if you were wondering.

My results came in at A very solid showing.  You know that there’s more to this town than monuments and free museums. That’s all I get?!

Who are these writers to tell me how much I know?  The questions are out of whack, for one thing, and that’s not what living in DC is about, for another.

Living in DC is about living, not history!  Seeing what’s what, not so much who’s who, is what I’d prefer.

I’ll try to stop reading the paper for patronizing platitudes, though my romance with old media still abides.


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  1. jkc says:

    how do you NOT know about Hillwood Estate??


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