Hidden Gem: Parkway Deli

I believe I’ve told you before, dear reader, I’m not Jewish.  I don’t usually need to say this, but sometimes (sometimes!) it just feels so right that I have to remind myself that no, I can’t lay claim to any Yiddish or classic Jewish guilt.

One of these times is midway through brunch at The Parkway Deli in Silver Spring.  After the recent run of cupcake/cocktail/local-food craze that usually delights me and the rest of DC, it’s good to just take a break.

Take a big break.  Go up to Silver Spring of a Saturday or Sunday around noon, get a booth in the bustling deli/restaurant amid terse but kind wait staff and patrons wearing what can only be described as decorative sweats.  Order your first round of coffee/iced tea/soda and peruse the menu.  It reads like an All Time Greatest Hits of kosher deli food.

You start to relax.  You get one more free refill, then the food comes out.  Whether you’re a pastrami on rye kind of person or a pancakes for lunch type, everything is delicious and immensely satisfying.  The Americanized Jewish selections (lox on bagel, matzo ball soup, potato latkes, smoked herring, etc) are my favorites.  It’s like being on vacation and being home at the same time.

I can also safely say that this brunch is the best value you’ll find.  At around $6 per dish, you and your wallet (can I even use that illustration anymore in this age of credit?) will leave full.

So set your GPS (yes, you’ll want to drive or get someone else to drive) to 8317 Grubb Road and take a trip down a memory lane with memories you’ve probably never had.  Then take a drive back to the city through Rock Creek Park.  Sounds like a plan.


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  1. jkc says:

    i know Grubb Road!!

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