The Garment District (No, Not New York)

It’s all DC, all the time here at the Garment District, DC’s newest pop-up art space.

Also know as a Temporarium, the Garment District revels in worshiping at the altar of local talent.  All the art prints on the wall are by DC artists, all the one-of-a-kind jewelry is hand-made by DC artisans, and all the music you hear overhead is by DC musicians.

Where are you?  You are in one of three art spaces sponsored this year by grants from the city.  Located in Shaw at the corner of 9th and Mass, the Garment District features “local fashion and design, unique art installations and offer workshops, sewing classes and special events.”

The space is only open for a month, so get there while you can. This is a way you can support the city in which you live and be cooler than everyone you know.  Live music every Friday and Saturday for the next month is free.  Screen printed tshirts have already started to sell out.  I especially coveted the screen-printed, leather bound flasks.  There won’t be any more of them any time soon since the artist broke her wrist.

For you crafters, there are sewing and knitting classes featured for a nominal fee.  I know I already feel inspired to get back to creating.  Might be good for another blog post, n’est-ce pas?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. jkc says:

    so many temporary venues! keeping track of them is exhausting.

  2. OctaviusIII says:

    No no no! It’s on 7th and New York in Mount Vernon Square! I will not have my neighborhood lumped in with Shaw! We are unique and special and awesome.

    That said, Garment District is pretty fantastic, and the building is really cool. Make sure to talk to the guy at the desk, too.

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