Ask Rob: Not A Good Idea

When is this ever a good idea?

Matching grey shorts OVER grey sweatpants.  Flip flops matching grew layered long and short sleeve tshirt.

I mean, it’s like this dude went to the Hanes section and was like Man, I’m gonna look great in these.  And don’t even tell me it’s comfy to stack shorts over sweatpants.  DC style?  More like DC vile.

To top it off, the guy came over with his filthy hands and as I’m eating with pizza in my mouth says Can I have a napkin? as his grubby fingers are already claiming three napkins from the top of my pile.  Finally followed by hassling the staff about entering the contest to win a pizza for free.

Beware: Rob is in the city, ready to be offended by fashion faux pas, and not afraid to take your picture.


One Comment Add yours

  1. jkc says:

    maybe this guy is well-versed in irony.

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