Brunchtime: Birch and Barley

There are people for whom brunch is a noun and people for whom brunch is a verb.  I fall somewhere in between, but at Birch and Barley, I would be happy to brunch heartily and happily.

Having been here once before for dinner and seen the Boozy Brunch option, I resolved to come back for brunch and not hold back.

There is the option to order a la carte, but why would you?  The Boozy Brunch includes two cocktails, freshly friend donut holes (chocolate, lemon poppyseed and toffee and bacon) and an entree.

For my part, I sampled the Brunch Punch and never looked back, regardless of how delicious and tickly a mimosa can be on the tongue of a morning.  Made of gin, sparkling rose, bitters, blood orange juice and a secret ingredient: it has the sparkle of a mimosa and the kick of a Bloody Mary.

The rest of brunch was almost equally as perfect.  Service at Sunday brunch with a group (as opposed to an early dinner) will take quite some time.  Be prepared to sip your quickly cooling Illy coffee and enjoy the ambiance while you wait for the check.

Though the entrees are fantastic (the fried chicken and waffle was spicy and sweet and perfectly crisped), the main attraction are the baked goods.  Pastry chef Tiffany MacIssac is serious about the flavor of her creations, but very inventive.  Recall that toffee and bacon donut?  Inspired.

At $30 for all this (still a little investment), I feel you have your money’s worth.  Especially if you brunch with people you do, in fact, really like.  Let’s not forget about the company.  That can sour or sweeten any donut hole.


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