Worth the Investment: POV

It was going to happen sooner or later.  Though I hate waiting in line almost as much as being looked up and down appraisingly by bouncers, I knew I would someday get to POV.

POV, if you don’t already know, dahling, stands for point of view, and is the rooftop bar at the W Hotel downtown.  Just across the street from the Treasury Department, POV affords those lucky enough to make it upstairs an unparalleled view of downtown DC.  You can even see into the residential wing of the White House (impress your tourist friends).  On a warm, breezy night, this place is a hands down winner.

But!  There’s always a but.  What are you willing to give in exchange for this rare opportunity?  It won’t be free, I can assure you that.  It will cost one pound of flesh (or its DC equivalent, standing in line for one hour).

Of course, once you are upstairs, entering the subdued fray that is diplomatic-chic DC on a Saturday night, all these memories melt away.  The seating and bar area on the terrace is beautiful.  The wait staff is beautiful.  The view is gorgeous.  Looking at the Air Force memorial from this height for the first time, seeing the Lincoln Memorial lit up like a distant glowing ember, and the Washington Monument a bright, solid beacon makes that sparkling California white all the sweeter.

If and when you go (because you will, someday), please make reservations.  Oh yeah, it was an hour wait even trying to join a party with reservations.  I don’t want anyone going in here cold.  Drinks are, of course, expensive.  Bottle service, which comes with a lit white sparkler for patriotic appeal, starts at $200.

But with no cover charge, you could just go for a ginger ale and still have an amazing experience.


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