Hell’s Kitchen(s)

Extra, extra! Read all about it! Yesterday’s news! Step right up, ladies and germs!

Recently-reviewed Hook in Georgetown suffered a catastrophic two-alarm fire yesterday, causing nearly a million dollars in damage and rendering it closed for an extended period of time. We’re talking months. Neighboring restaurant Tackle Box suffered some damage as well, and will reopen in a much shorter time frame. Rest easy, lobster roll enthusiasts. There’s another location in Cleveland Park if you need your fix.
Just last week, the Penn Ave SE stalwart Tune Inn was ravaged by a fire. Luckily it was confined to the kitchen (no damage to the deer heads on the walls!) and the bar will remain open. A few years back, kitchen fires tore through H Street’s Argonaut and the Capitol Lounge (two of them!!) on Penn Ave SE, down the street from the aforementioned Tune Inn.
All these seemingly-unrelated catastrophes can’t help but make us wonder — do we have an angry chef-turned-arsonist on our hands?
Written by Joel Church.
UPDATE:  Yet another fire broke out today in the kitchen at the Delhi Club in Clarendon. The Hard Times Cafe next door was also damaged, but luckily only by the smoke.

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