Mixing Guide: Cocktails at the Bottom of a Pickle Jar

Craft cocktails are all the rage in DC these days. Anyone tired of this gimmicky money grab? Come sit by the fire, kiddies (provided you’re over 21) and I’ll tell you all about it. I was lounging at the chill American Ice Co. off U Street recently when a good friend introduced me to the most peculiar alcoholic trend to hit the nation’s capital since the Rickey.

drum roll…
Behold the pickle back. It’s simple, easy, and terrifically bizarre. It’s two shots – one shot of Jameson Irish whiskey and one shot of pickle juice (unstrained pickle brine works the best).
Whaaaaa?” you find yourself asking, jaws agape. Never fear, my fine feathered friends — it’s brilliant. Slam back the shot of Jameson, then directly after, pound the pickle juice.  The pickle juice takes the burn off the whiskey and leaves you with a rather pleasant and refreshing aftertaste, one you probably won’t expect. The two complement each other wonderfully, like Martin and Lewis or prosciutto and melon.
It’s refreshing, tasty, and makes you immediately forget you ever took a shot of whiskey to the head. You might even find yourself craving another one. It’s a really fun thing to try, and don’t worry — it’s not like a cement mixer.
American Ice Co. is located at 917 V Street, NW.
Written by Joel Church.

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