The Big Board Adds an Upstairs

courtesy of Prince of Petworth

Happily, The Big Board, the new bar in the place of sad what-could-have-been story, Toyland, is doing very, very well in its new home at 4th and H, NE.  Every time I have been in or walked by, the bar is filled with friendly-looking types of all ages, creating the everybody-knows-your-name-but-not-in-a-weird-or-creepy-way vibe.

What’s more, now there’s an upstairs as well!  A few weeks ago, The Big Board took a trial run of its upstairs bar with The Parlour, a DC Week collaboration with local artists, emphasizing the “listen local” aspect of DC arts and music.

The experiment worked, so now the bar plans to celebrate their new full liquor license.  Fridays and Saturdays should soon see some live music or other fun shenanigans for a break from the hard trading downstairs at The Big Board (their drink prices go up and down according to demand–if you’ve had a little too much Occupy in your diet lately, upstairs may be for you).

The Big Board’s menu has expanded since their opening a few months back.  The chefs (formerly of Granville Moore’s and The Queen Vic) offer rotating specials each day.  Their variety of burgers is quite enticing–there’s the traditional, the sushi grade tuna burger, and even a veggie burger consisting of formed chopped mushrooms–so you don’t bite right into a whole Portabella).  The rest of the varieties are just cool-sounding…a Guinness-marinated patty for The Dublin, and I can’t wait to try the “tobacco” onions on The Memphis, whatever those are.

So stop by at any evening after 5pm, just not Tuesday–they’re closed.  Upstairs or downstairs, the friendly staff will make you feel at home.


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