Tortilla Coast: Quadrant to Quadrant

photo courtesy of Prince of Petworth

A second outpost of Tortilla Coast recently opened up shop at the corner of 15th and P in Logan, and it is much different from its sister restaurant on the Hill. New neighborhood, new style — the spot focuses on authentic Mexican, a breath of fresh air from the standard Tex-Mex fare to which we’re all accustomed.

The decor, bathed in soft low lighting, is a fusion of upscale and down-home which makes it very comfortable and conducive to lively chatter. Rumor has it they’ll be opening up outdoor seating in the spring.
First up for review is booze. The rocks margaritas are a little on the expensive side ($12-14) especially for the low-slung glasses in which they’re served, but people familiar with the prices at Oyamel won’t be too offended. The prickly pear one is simply delicious. The frozen ‘ritas, available in several flavors (including prickly pear) are a better bang for your buck at a more palatable $10, and are served in a much larger glass. A small list of craft beers serves as a trusty sidekick to those who don’t partake of the agave.
Moving right along to the food. In a word, delicious. Nothing too out of the ordinary, just more of a focus on authentic Mexican. And boy does it deliver. Dive right in and you’ll leave satisfied, whether it be from the slow-cooked meat of the soft tacos, zesty ceviche, fresh tableside guac, or one of the dazzling specialty entrees. No need to say much more, other than you won’t be disappointed. Ole!


Written by Joel Church.

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