Ask Rob: Winter Blues

What’s a good way to avoid the post-holidays doldrums?  I get so bummed after New Year’s every year.  What can I do this time?
After the rush and excitement of Christmas and New Year’s, you may feel a letdown when you go back to work and everyday life.  This is perfectly normal.  If you tend to feel this way, then it won’t be easy for your to avoid these blues.  I suggest you embrace your feelings, and know that it will eventually pass.
In the meantime, it’s beneficial to have a sense of gratitude. New Year’s is one of the few opportunities to reflect on your life, and to be thankful of the friends and family you have.  After all, you are feeling blue because you are no longer spending time with these great people.  So it’s important stay social and keep in touch with all your friends.  The more connected you feel, the more cheerful you will be.

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