Ask Rob: He Who Smelt It, Dealt With It

Here at DC Style Is Real, we from time to time feature expert advice on serious topics.  Take note, this could happen…to you.
I was out on a date with this guy and I think he passed gas(?)!  What should I have done?  Would he be embarassed or would he respect my honesty if I’d said something?  
I guess you can make a joke and say, “Hey I smell something funky, did you bust ass?” Seriously though, you are much better off pretending like it never happened.  Why? Because all of us have faced ridicule and humiliation during our epic moments of cheese-cutting.  Any fart talk will give your date a third grade flashback and remind him of the time he dropped the bomb during Mrs. Fowler’s reading of James and the Giant Peach.
So hold your comments for now.  If everything goes right, you two will eventually be in a healthy, intimate, committed relationship.  You will have shared your hopes, dreams, and goals.  You will have talked open and honestly about your past baggage.  When you reach that point, then you will be free to fart in front of each other and discuss it without shame.

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  1. Adam says:

    it’s embarrassing when you fart deliberately near your date but it comes out silent. then you either have to awkwardly preempt discovery by announcing the fart in some manner (which takes all the thrill and surprise out of it) or suffer the presumption that you weren’t bold enough to fart overtly.

  2. Adam says:

    dutch ovens are the best, but some girls respond with actual violence.

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