Sticky Rice: Yeah, We Do Brunch Now

That’s right folks.  You suspected that Sticky Rice had gone mainstream before now.  But brunch?

Yes, brunch.  No longer do you need to hit up Mandu for Asian-style weekend brunch specials; now you can go to Sticky Rice and not miss out on tots!

The brunch menu at the newly expanded (a new annex and the relocation of the upstairs sushi bar allows for much more seating) Sticky Rice dabbles in traditional fare like eggs any style and French toast.  There’s even shrimp and grits.  The tongue-in-cheek-Asian-spin we’ve come to love is nowhere to be found on this menu.

Depending on how you approach brunch, Sticky Rice may or may not be for you.

If you are a breakfast-leaning brunch-er:  Brunch is about the enthusiastic refilling of coffee mugs.  Coffee at brunch should never get lukewarm or below half-full, end of story.  But if you’ve ever been to Sticky Rice, you know that refills, or speedy service of any kind, are not part of the package.  Better to order in stages: sip a PBR as your tots, Godzirra Roll and more PBR roll out to your table as the waiter gets around to you.  Don’t go.

If you are a lunch-leaning brunch-er: Sticky Rice makes a mean Bloody Mary.  Spicy and flavorful and with just enough kick, The Bloody Sunday is rimmed with the same chili mix used on the Snap, Crackle, Pop monster roll.  With a squeeze of lemon, it’s the perfect accompaniment to watch early 90’s music videos while you wait.  Go.

For my money, I’d be happier ordering a Bloody Sunday and a sushi roll rather than the rather ordinary French toast.  The shrimp and grits was good, but doesn’t touch those found at Marvin.

Think of brunch at Sticky Rice as just more open hours to enjoy their sushi, noodles, PBR and tots.  It’s what you wanted even before brunch came along.  Now you have more time and space to do it.



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