Boundary Road: (P)review


Boundary Road, the long-awaited tavern and eatery at 414 H Street NE, is officially opening on Monday after a series of delays, according to their Facebook page. Aside from the wagon-wheel chandelier upstairs, the decor looks great (lots of wood and exposed brick) and their drink menu looks quite inventive, including one made with maple syrup. I must say, however, ordering a drink called “I’m Thinking About Getting a Vespa“, while soaked in delicious irony, will get really old, really fast. I’m looking at you, Denny’s and your Moons Over My Hammy. We urban dwellers all know brevity is key – our lives are too fast-paced and glamorous to waste on extra syllables.

As for the food, it’s been described as rustic American. Everything looks promising, from the small plates to the entrees to the meats and cheese. Don’t fear, all you non-committal foodies out there – DC Style is Real will have a supplemental review once the place opens. Until then, we’ll be counting down the days.
Written by Joel Church.


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  1. Adam says:

    this place was cliché at ‘exposed brick’… unless you want to count the fact that this is the second place with boundary in the name in a couple months. on second thought, call the place ‘WHITE PEOPLE IN HERE’ or ‘Aioili Not Mayo’. sorry to rip on a new place looking to relieve all the other overstuffed yuppie huts of some excess population, but i just returned from another state where food and drink are actually delicious and innovative… maple syrup. christ.

  2. Adam says:

    i retract the part where i said i was sorry. final name revision: ‘WHITE PEOPLE EATING + DRINKING!!! TRY THE SYRUP!’

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