Ms. Vedral Goes to Washington: Bourbon

pic courtesy of Drink DC

New Yorkers, as a rule, do not impress easily. When we say that we’ve seen it all, we mean it. A simple ride on any subway will show this to be true. We live surrounded by historic landmarks and film crews shooting movies across the street from our iconic buildings. I saw my first transvestite and my first car fire in Alphabet City when I was five and it was not really a big deal.

So moving to DC has been a bit of a shock to the system if only for the lack of weirdness and intimidating architecture. Granted, I had explored the District a great deal before relocating and liked what I saw enough to pick up my life and move it to Capitol Hill. To me, DC is like a super hot, but nerdy guy that would be catnip to women if only he took off his glasses, loosened his tie and messed up his hair a bit.

In this series, I will explore and record some of my more impressive DC experiences as a New York transplant.  It’s all very new and exciting, and I plan to make the frickin’ most of it.

This past Friday, I had the pleasure of attending a friend’s birthday at Bourbon in Adams Morgan. I had been told that it was fun and kind of casual. It is both of those things. What I liked the most was the music, a great mix of hip hop and dance. It was accessible and most importantly, danceable. I’ve passed the age of clubbing and most of the fun nightlife in New York has moved over toward sexy and intimate speakeasy-type bars. It was a nice treat to dance and to people watch. I might be back if I need to get my dance on and flirt with a bartender.

Stay tuned for next time: I snag an enviable spot at POV at the W (how’s that for Alphabet City, New York?).

Written by Juliet Vedral.  Follow her on Twitter.


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