Ms. Vedral Goes to Washington: Café Milano

Prior to moving to DC, I had been warned by…pretty much everyone…that my foodie proclivities would need to be adjusted. And experience had also brought this to bear: I once had Thai food at a restaurant with a punny name that used regular broccoli instead of Chinese broccoli in its Pad See Ew. I’d been warned not to eat bagels or pizza and generally, not to expect very much, although “the Ethiopian food is amazing” (it is).

Readers, maybe DC isn’t a foodie city like New York, but it’s got the potential. I’ve had a few outstanding meals here and one of them was at Café Milano.

Now, I’m willing to admit that my first time at Café Milano is fairly atypical. I went on Valentine’s Day with a guy who I will only describe as “The Mayor” because he knew everyone there and despite the fact that it was the most booked restaurant night of the year, we still got a table.

The ambience was a little conservative for my taste, but it was elegant and clearly a top date spot. We split an appetizer of beef Carpaccio and arugula with parmesan, reminding me why I don’t enjoy Carpaccio of anything, but it still managing to satisfy. I got the Mezzelune Ferragamo, which were ravioli with butternut squash and amaretto in a sage parmesan sauce. It was unbelievable. Incidentally, it was the runner up to my first choice of sea scallops and risotto, but they had just run out of it. I’m confident that also would have been delicious. It was the hands down best meal I’d had in DC since having dinner at Tabard Inn a few months back.

The wine was delicious and liberally poured and the servers were attentive and helpful, but then again that was probably because I was with The Mayor. For my first Valentine’s Day with DC, I’ve got to say I’m enjoying the way he does things, even if I’d prefer a bit more edge. I have no doubt that no matter who you’re with you’ll enjoy the food and have a lovely time at Café Milano.

Next up: Boundary Road unseats Café Milano as the best meal I’ve had in DC.


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