Taylor: It’s a Good Day for a Hoagie

pic courtesy of We Love DC

Today Taylor Gourmet will be giving away a free Puck’s Soda with purchase of a hoagie or salad.

I’ve never heard of Puck’s either, but this is an excellent reminder that Taylor is a great choice for a lunch break in the middle of your work week.  After opening on H Street years ago, the local franchise has expanded to locations on 14th Street near Logan Circle and in Mount Vernon near Busboys and Poets.

In keeping with the Taylor aesthetic, Puck’s purports to be a small-batch, naturally sweetened type of thirst quencher.  Taylor sandwiches are all made to order, with the customer’s name called out when ready (remember when Starbucks did that?).  The sandwiches are all named for streets in Philadelphia, from whence the delicious, chewy taste explosions hail.

Yes, the service is super chill.  Keep this in mind if you’re in a rush or need a catering order filled by a certain hour.  Taylor is for sunny days when you seriously consider getting a Vespa.

Locations near you, so today’s your day.


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