The Wisdom Files: Saketini

pic courtesy Metromix

Wisdom  takes first place as my you-have-to-go-to-this-bar bar.  That is why I will run a post for each cocktail I think you may enjoy there.  Each one is completely different and different people will have their own favorites (after all, you’re a beautiful, unique snowflake, aren’t you?).  Hopefully, you’ll be intrigued enough to visit and try on a new identity.  

The SAKETINI.  Convenient cocktail of Asian restaurants everywhere.  You don’t want to be that college student pounding sake bombs, so you order the saketini.  Sophisticated, right?  Perhaps.

At Wisdom, the Saketini is created with care, leaving a cocktail so light and refreshing that imaginary tennis players could throw back a pitcher after a warmish match at the club.  The Saketini is infused with cucumber to create that yes, watery, flavor that’s also extremely thirst-quenching.
Note: peel the cucumber first to ensure no bitterness seeps into the cocktail itself.

The Saketini is light, slightly sweet, and very refreshing.

Try if… you are into white liquors, exotic foods and beg your friends to go to Thai X-ing with you.  You don’t like your drink to hit you over the head.  You’re a sipper, not a slammer.

1432 Pennsylvania Ave, SE


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  1. jkc710 says:

    Wisdom is such a great place. i need to get back there!

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