The Wisdom Files: The Absolution

striking new mural at Wisdom

Wisdom  takes first place as my you-have-to-go-to-this-bar bar.  That is why I will run a post for each cocktail I think you may enjoy there.  Each one is completely different and different people will have their own favorites (after all, you’re a beautiful, unique snowflake, aren’t you?).  Hopefully, you’ll be intrigued enough to visit and try on a new identity.  

The Absolution, while fruity and grapey enough, gets its oomph from the killer combo of gin and yellow chartreuse.  Note: yellow chartreuse is the only liquor to have its own color.

Made with Plymouth gin (which has a softer more delicate juniper flavor than others), yellow chartreuse, French vermouth (fancy!), grape and a spray of Cointreau, this cocktail is French and fanciful, light on the palette but still packs a punch.

Try if…the peasants are rioting outside the palace, but you still have your trusty bartender at your side.  Enjoy a sip of something civilized before the bricks start coming through the plate glass.

1432 Pennsylvania Ave, SE


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