The Queen Vic: Your New Local

pic courtesy The Hill Is Home

The Queen Vic, H Street’s best neighborhood hangout, has started to host a delightful trivia night upstairs every Tuesday at 7:30. Check out the newly roofed back patio on warm nights, sip on a pint, have a proper scran, and just straight chill, holmes. Teams are strictly limited to 4 people, and for Pete’s sake, resist the urge to reach for your smartphone — it’s a hollow victory if you cheat.

The quizmaster is warm and congenial, the questions aren’t too difficult (I’m staring in your general direction, Fadó’s trivia night), and the waitstaff is wonderfully attentive as always. And to top it all off, yours truly and his rag-tag band of mates won last night and got $50 off our bar tab! Amerigo Vespucci, we love thee. A fantastic way to spend a Tuesday.
Feel free to gush over this amazing feat and offer your humble congratulations in the comments below.
Written by Joel Church.

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