Spotted: Jay and Daisy in DC

It’s that time of the year again. Special events outfit Dandies & Quaintrelles put on their annual Seersucker Social at Hillwood Estate in upper Northwest. Similar to the autumnal Tweed Ride, the Seersucker Social starts with an eight-mile bike ride through the city, after which the large enthusiastic group dressed up in their best 1920s and 1930s era clothes and converged upon the home of Marjorie Merriweather Post to have a big picnic in the beautiful garden.

It was a truly smashing success, like spending a delightful afternoon in an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel. There were lots of appropriate hats, suspenders, long skirts and even some beach pajamas. It was an amazingly friendly atmosphere. People posed for photos and chatted up their neighbors while croquet and badminton were played in the background, and an old-time jazz band led by an amazingly charismatic emcee played ragtime and samba from the days of yore. Tents served up refreshing St. Germain cocktails, and lots of dancing and revelry was had by all. A truly dazzling way to kick off the summer season.
It’s disappointing these events only happen several times a year, but I suppose that’s also what keeps them special. I look ever forward to the Tweed Ride, which will probably be held in either late October or early November. Ears to the ground, people.
Everyone just looked so smashing in their old-fashioned attire, which implores me to dust off the ol’ soap box and issue an impassioned plea — DC, let’s start all dressing this way and give our fair city something to call our own. Screw Mad Men — let’s go Gatsby.
Written by Joel Church. Buy his book Fingerprints here at Amazon.

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