Barcade: I Like That Old Time Ms. Pac Man

pic courtesy of Frozen Tropics

Recently closed H Street hangout Fruit Bat is reopening next week as Barcade, an 80s arcade and beer bar. Amidst the Star and Shamrock and the H Street Country Club, this is just the kind of kitschy nostalgia joint H Street needs, plus any place that has arcade games is in my cool book. See – the tabletop Ms. Pac Man in Pharmacy Bar. Only one foreseeable kink — we’re not sure if owner Erik Holzherr knows this, but the Simpsons Brooklyn already did it, as a place with an identical concept and a legally trademarked name resides in former hipster haven Williamsburg. Not sure if a legal battle will follow the opening, but we here at DC Style is Real have already thought of a quick fix – Starcade.

No word on the game selection yet, but here’s hoping they bring in Smash TV and Ninja Gaiden. I wonder if patrons will have to bring their own quarters.
Opening July 10th. I know I’ll be there!

Written by Joel Church.

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