Summer Mixing Guide

pic courtesy Alrian Erdedi

It’s summertime, kids. Alas, most of us working folk don’t get the luxury of several months-long vacations, and so we turn to our trustiest coping mechanism – booze. So, what better time to use two of the best mixing liqueurs? Well sidle on up and grab a seat – before you know it you’ll be mixing the fanciest cocktails in town, and you won’t have to shill out $14 for each one.

One of the liqueurs you’re surely familiar with — St. Germain. Not to be confused with Canton, this European elderflower mixes well with just about anything — whiskey, sake, rum, gin, everything. Impress your friends with your own creation, or check this out for some inspiration.


The second is a bit more obscure, and has a terrifically bizarre moniker — Velvet Falernum. This one is a blend of lime, almond, ginger, vanilla, and cloves! I first discovered it at a fantastic place in Baltimore called Bad Decisions. This unique booze has tons of possibilities but is primarily used to blend a lot of popular cocktails, including the Mai Thai and the Zombie. It’s a bit more difficult to find, but liquor stores worth their salt will special order it for you.


Try both of these specialties out sometime. But be careful — drink too many Zombies and you just might become the Walking Dead (returning to AMC this October). Zing! I’ll be here all week, folks.


Written by Joel Church.

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  1. Haley Fults says:

    Check out The Refined Chef for even more cocktail recipes here,

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