Le Grenier: Délicieuse H Rue

pic courtesy of H Street Great Street

Huzzah! Another restaurant is about to open on the western side of H Street. Long awaited French bistro Le Grenier, located on the 500 block, is having their soft opening this Friday the 17th, followed by the official opening on Sunday. We took a sneak peak inside and it looks great – lots of patterned wallpaper and eccentric, ornate knick-knacks.

Hopefully it will be just as good as its sister restaurant, Le Chat Noir up in Tenleytown. Don’t miss the big Coca Cola sign painted on the brick wall upstairs. You can expect classic bistro fare (mmm…steak frites) and a nice wine list – sip from a glass of Bordeaux and imagine you’re on the ChampsÉlysées.

Written by Joel Church.

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