Where Am I?


In a salute to the less photographed (but no less beautiful and surprising) parts of DC, this intrepid on-foot photographer brings you a classic: the Where Am I? post. Inspired by Prince of Petworth in particular, I found myself pausing from time to time as I walk around our fair city, thinking, “Wow, I just like the way this looks.”

Use the comments section to let me know your guess. Or maybe you already know!



5 Comments Add yours

  1. jkc says:

    my guess is it’s either the Hill or Takoma Park.

  2. Haley Fults says:

    not either of those places…in fact, it’s west of both, but not by much.

    1. Haley Fults says:

      OK, it was in front of a house in Mount Pleasant. I’ve belatedly decided to start giving the answers to these Where Am I questions.

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