Submerge DC: A No Kings Collective Production

pic courtesy Kris Coronado

Submerge DC is a No Kings Collective pop-up art space in what used to be Fashion One on the H Street Corridor.  What does that even mean?

Also known as a “flash art happening,” the two-floor space houses the artwork of about a dozen local artists.  There is straight up graffiti from local fave Decoy, there are 3D paintings (requisite glasses provided), and downstairs there is an homage to the terra cotta warriors, a la blow-up dolls.

The space is open and free to the public every day from noon to 6pm until the 18th.  That’s this Sunday, so go soon and see what you can see.  There is also evening programming which may or may not cost.  Check the website schedule for more info.

Walking down H Street and seeing the Submerge space did make me glad to live in a city with a vibrant arts scene.  An empty storefront turned into a free arts space does the heart good.

The guy manning hanging out at the front desk told me that the event that night had been cancelled.  I strolled around and took in what I saw.  Some of the old Fashion One flyers were still scattered around the church pews and found objects next to the art; I enjoyed seeing the Buy One Get One flyers letting me know what used to be in this space.  Shades of gentrification?  I digress.

I was pretty much alone with the art, the complete opposite of the crush of people at the opening party on Friday (for more on that, click here for awesome pictures and description).  Reminiscent of the Phillips after 5 events where patrons talk more to each other than glance at the art, I’m afraid the pieces themselves are getting short shrift in favor of the popularity of the arts events.  On the other hand, this is getting people to go out and experience art!

This Friday at 6pm, Submerge will host Get Fashion,

– a fashion, retail, music, food, art, and entertainment (yes. basically everything awesome) event from 6pm-2am. Get Fashion will showcase local designers and vendor retail pop-ups from 6-11pm, live musical performances from 9pm-2am, H Street only  food vendors, local DC brews, and artwork featured in the Submerge exhibition.

Featuring performances by DJ Skim, Pree, Gems, Margot MacDonald and a collaborative set by Adam E and Jeff Boyd.

This event is free and open to public.

So go on out and see it for yourself.  It won’t last long!


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