Revenge is a Dish Best Served on H

H Street DC sign
H Street – it’s not just for boobs and vaudeville anymore. Rising from the ashes of the recently vacated Red Palace space is…..drum-roll…..long-planned Italian eatery Vendetta, which was originally slated for the 1300 block. Observant Sherlock-types may have seen small ads for it whilst frequenting RnR or the Biergarten.

Vendetta will boast two bocce courts upstairs (think H Street Country Club) and will feature a Vespa themed bar, with several of the popular motor scooters hanging from the ceiling. Let’s hope they’re well secured.

Vendetta will serve casual Italian cuisine, with a wide selection of pastas and pretentious sides, including something called vanilla Chianti polenta. Sigh. It’s only a matter of time until some enterprising chef unveils an artisan sea urchin ceviche accented with violets and pine nuts.

In terms of ambiance, partner Jimmy Silk says he’s going for a rustic feel, probably akin to distant neighbor Boundary Road but with more of a focus on wood. The space will have 120 seats over both floors.

The 5,000 sq ft space at 1210 H is better suited as a restaurant. When Palace of Wonders and the Red and the Black merged a few years ago, it lacked cohesion, although the renovated performance stage upstairs will be sorely missed, not to mention the sword-swallowing strippers.

As for the Vendetta plan, the ink hasn’t dried yet, but the partners are fast-tracking this for a Spring opening. Pretty exciting!

And the transformation of H Street continues…

Written by Joel Church.


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