Walkable Living Within Reach

pic courtesy of the Coalition for Smarter Growth
pic courtesy of the Coalition for Smarter Growth

The Coalition for Smarter Growth brings today’s story about the push behind the desire to live, work, and play local.  As has been said before, “you’re not in traffic, you are traffic,” and some DC residents have had enough.  Read on and take a look at their interactive map.

Today, 38% of District households are car-free, and countless others are car-lite, mostly relying on transit, walking, and biking. And those numbers are growing. Basic lifestyle and mobility decisions are fundamentally changing for large segments of DC’s population. Nonetheless, a significant number of District policies and discussions still assume that most residents will own a car and use it for many, if not all, of their daily needs. The consequences of this misunderstanding impact all of us, ranging from higher housing costs, increased traffic thanks to unintentional subsidy of car ownership, and diverting resources from improving other transportation options. In the end, what all of that means is a less walkable, less inclusive District. The District won’t face driving and parking Armageddon because so many existing residents and new residents simply don’t drive very much. Tastes and lifestyle choices are in the midst of a dramatic change, and despite what some hyperbolic opponents of transportation have said, a majority of our new residents are very likely to be car-free or car-lite and looking to stay that way.

Are you car-free or car-lite?  How has it impacted your commute, routine, and life?  Post in the comments.


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