The Arts & Humanities Festival at St. Elizabeth’s East is a free festival showcasing the history, culture and community of Ward 8 in Washington, DC. The events feature an exciting scope of activities, live performances, art exhibits, readings and workshops that will be fun for the entire family!

Starting at 11:00amAugust 17-18 at St. Elizabeth’s East, 1100 Alabama Ave SE.

Made possible through a grant awarded by the Deputy Mayor’s Office of Planning and Economic Development, the FREE festival series the festival will be held over two amazing days with a closing event on Sunday, August 18, 2013.  The heart of the festival is located in the center of one of the District’s most prized historic campuses, St. Elizabeth’s East, in the 1100 block of Alabama Avenue SE.  The East Campus will soon be the home of a new Gateway Pavilion currently under construction and slated to open in September 2013. The Pavilion will serve as a gateway to the St. Elizabeth’s East Innovation Hub  and will usher in a new chapter of visitors to the campus, including local residents and the 3,700 U.S. Coast Guard employees set to start arriving on the nearby West Campus in August 2013. The Arts & Humanities Festival is the perfect platform to embrace the changes to the historic campus, while celebrating the District’s and Ward 8 community’s rich heritage, culture and creativity.

The Summer Celebration Weekend will highlight a wide array of local musicians, great performances and speakers including Faycez U Know, Rashida Tulani Jolley and Double Nickles Theatre on Saturday, August 17th. An amazing Sunday Praise Break will showcase area gospel talents on the afternoon of Sunday, August 18th. DC favorites Christylez Bacon and Tabi Bonney will close out the day with ultra-cool hip-hop performances!


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