May 14: Pay-What-You-Can Preview of Pallas Theatre Company’s She Stoops to Conquer

DC Style Is Real always recommends Pay What You Can (PWYC) performances.  It’s a way to go see something new for not a lot of money.  So go out and support some local theater!  Read on for the release from Pallas Theater Company’s new show at the Anacostia Arts Center.

pic courtesy of Pallas Theater Company
pic courtesy of Pallas Theater Company
A play that parodies extremes. At one end: a love of material elegance, sophistication, and excess. At the other: the appreciation of the simple country life. In the end, a balance between the two must be found for the characters to achieve happiness.The idea of battling extremes is particularly resonant in Washington D.C.’s political and social culture today.  In recent years, radicalism in political parties has brought government to a screeching halt.  Gentrification continues to push the middle class and poor further out of the city limits and rearrange the social and cultural geographies of the capital.

Director Ann Marie T. Saunders, renowned Washington D.C. theatre scholar, sets this production in the city of Washington in the early 1820s, a time of equally polarizing cultural influences. She Stoops to Conquer promises to be both hilarious and thought-provoking!
Performances run May 15 – June 1
Tickets $20.


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