Do More 24: Support a Local Non-profit Today!

do more 24

Do More 24 brings together nonprofit organizations, companies, and people committed to making a difference on one day to make the National Capital Area a better place for all. It provides an opportunity to showcase the amazing and critical work of nonprofit organizations serving our region.

Anacostia Gracious Arts Program (AGAP) provides arts education to inner-city students in DC and provides kids and teens that would otherwise be culturally marginalized avenues into the city’s broader social and cultural life.  If you’re looking for a way to support that kind of work, make a donation TODAY through United Way’s DO MORE 24 fundraiser.  The event will close at midnight tonight.

Every bit helps, and the organization with the most donors gets an additional grant. $24 could go a very long way.  Click here to donate, and share the link far and wide!  Support DC arts and growing artists!


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