A Garden of Wonders at the Smithsonian Castle

pic courtesy of Smithsonian at 8
pic courtesy of Smithsonian at 8

Alice would feel right at home at the Smithsonian’s Garden of Wonders, a madcap party that transforms the Victorian-style Enid A. Haupt Garden into a landscape of delights. As sunset slips into night, this magical setting comes alive with music and dancing, outdoor games (moonlight croquet, anyone?), craft activities, and plenty of surprises.

Find your style inspiration in period garden-party attire or your favorite Alice in Wonderland character. You might not meet a white rabbit, but you can sip specialty cocktails designed by Arlington’s Tortoise & Hare as you wander through the lantern-decked grounds. And speaking of wonders, meet Todd McGrain, whose fantastic large-scale bird sculptures now anchor the corners of the Haupt Garden’s ornately planted lawn.

Make sure your pocket watch is wound: You don’t want to be late for this one-of-a-kind adventure.

Friday, July 18.  Tickets start at $15 ($20 at the door).  SPECIAL FEATURES FOR VIP TICKET-HOLDERS: Enjoy a private bar, two complimentary drinks, and dessert in the Queen of Hearts castle (known by day as the Smithsonian Castle).



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