Pottery on the Hill’s Preview Reception, October 31

multiartist_collage pottery on the hillPottery on the Hill’s Preview Reception allows special access to sixteen of the nation’s top ceramic artists and the opportunity to make the first purchases.

Join us for a lovely preview reception with sixteen of the nation’s top ceramic artists. Guarantee yourself the first chance to purchase pieces and see the incredible displays of their work in an intimate, relaxed environment. Speak with them directly and learn more about the inspiration behind their work. This reception includes a cocktail party with complimentary hors d’oeuvres and refreshments served.

Meet the Potters: Bob Briscoe (Harris, MN), Kevin Crowe (Amherst, VA), Naomi Dalglish (Bakersville, NC), Dan Finnegan (Fredericksburg, VA), Warren Frederick (Warrenton, VA), Ryan Greenheck (Philadelphia, PA), Michael Hunt (Bakersville, NC), Michael Kline (Bakersville, NC), Jenny Mendes (Chesterland, OH), Matthew Metz (Alfred Station, NY), Donna Polseno (Floyd, VA), Ken Sedberry (Bakersville, NC), Mark Shapiro (Worthington, MA), Stacy Snyder (Arlington, VA), Sam Taylor (Westhampton, MA) and Julie Wiggins (Charlotte, NC).

Buy your tickets here!


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