This is no ordinary pop up, this is a Trader’s Market

Treat Yo’ Self! A pre-Valentine’s holiday market offering locally made distinctive gifts for you or your boo from a hand selected group of local artisans.

Join us on February 8th 2015, the weekend before Valentine’s Day for a Trader’s Market at the best bars on 7th street: Eat the Rich, Southern Efficiency & Mockingbird Hill.

A Trader’s Market is a collection of hand picked artisans chosen because they are all consistent in quality, appearance and sustainability. It’s not about supporting small business, it’s about having access to really cool stuff that’s made right here in DC. Some of these traders have been perfecting their craft for years and we believe this is a perfect way to get something special and different for yourself or your boo this Valentine’s Day.

Let’s not give our money to Hallmark this year, we are so much better than that. From 3:30-8:30pm, Trader’s Market will present to you unique wares from a variety of sources so that you will find a little bit of a lot of things and no duplicates.

Each space will offer wares that match the space. For example, Eat the Rich will feature Grindstone Universal and One Love Massive’s new line of #DCASFUCK shirts and hoodies.

Each space will be unique and will also feature a music soundtrack curated by Derek Brown, the owner of these great bars, and One Love Massive. If anyone knows good music, it’s those two.

Each bar will also feature food and drink specials for the day so feel free to hang out, settle in, have some drinks, eat some amazing food and have a local experience that you can feel good about.


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