IntellectuCOOL Presents: THE GREY AREA – Get 20% OFF Your Tickets

Saturday, March 14th, 6pm.

There is no better showcasing of the arts than the wonderful series of events that IntellectuCOOL has blessed DC with. On March 14th they bring you “The Grey Area” – where they will be exploring life’s undefined spaces through visual art, conversation, monologues, poetry and dance. There will even be an after party kicking off at 10pm.

Get tickets here. Type in our special DC Style Is Real promo code COOLSTYLE and get 20% off your tickets.

Mousai House
411 New York Ave NE – Studio 3A
Washington, DC 20002

What you can expect: The best social experience you’ve ever had of course. IntellectuCOOL focuses on bringing people from all walks of life together in the same room to discuss real and relevant topics, with the hope of making cool connections. This event is designed to explore life’s grey areas. You can expect poetry, theatrical and dance performances; as well as a visual art presentation. All this will happen in one of the most unique spaces in DC– The Mousai House…And did we mention the after party doe?


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