Galley: Delivery That’s Delicious

pic courtesy of Galley
pic courtesy of Galley

Are you like me?  Do you need to eat food to stay alive?  

Food is an essential element, so why do I neglect the quality of my meals?  Well, thanks to my newly found best-friend-as-a-service Galley, I don’t have to.

Galley is a DC startup: creating, dishing up and delivering original and delicious meals since January.  The feeling that comes from just one order is pretty amazing: you have the satisfaction of devouring a meal you cooked yourself, without any of the labor, time, or most of all, cleanup.

Here’s how it works:

  • Go to Galley’s website and set up an account.  (think of it as Uber for your dinner, but not evil)
  • Choose the dish you want.  Most dishes are between $12-14.
  • Accept your dinner from your Galley server, who sends an “on the way” text and arrives within a window of your choosing.
    Readers, after lowering my standards for deliveries way, way lower than I’d like, I was so pleased with the stellar communication I received from my Galley server.  When I couldn’t be home to pick up my delivery on time, the server left the bag just where I asked.  
  • Heat and plate your food according to directions on the packaging.
    Fun Fact: all Galley packaging is biodegradable and compostable.
    Second Fun Fact: directions include “for me” and “to impress.”  If you want to create a “home-cooked” meal without the stress or clean-up, this company is for you.  
  • Enjoy!
    My meal was fantastic!  The butternut ravioli with harvest vegetables (pictured) was just the right size, taste, texture, on and on.  

Did I mention no clean up?

The company itself is very impressive.  All their staff, working from a commercial kitchen in Ivy City, office in Penn Quarter, or as drivers, receive benefits, even at part time.  Ideas for meals come from the staff, who hail from a variety of cultures and backgrounds, as well as customers.

And, since DC just loves Halloween, Galley will be including either a surprise trick or treat with every order Thursday and Friday.  So treat yourself, DC.  It’s your health, time, and taste buds on the line.


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