Convergence Featuring Artist Stephen Benedicto at Fathom Gallery


Next week, Fathom Gallery opens its doors to feature the work of Washington, DC based artist Stephen Benedicto. The exhibition will feature Benedicto’s latest body of work Convergence. The series represents the point at which all of his previous works find common purpose: technical fascination. The series examines the technical aspects of light, and how the world interacts with art in 2017.  The diverse collection produces, reflects, bends, and manipulates light into simple and reminiscent forms, showcasing various behaviors of light.

Stephen Benedicto is a D.C.-based artist who explores new ways to create and engage with art in the twenty-first century.  He studied Aesthetics and approaches his work with an unconventional eye; many of his pieces examine specific technical components expressed with his stark, minimalist aesthetic.  In an age where information and resources are increasingly available, he is inspired by the idea of curating global resources.

Benedicto’s work has been featured in numerous shows, collected nationally, and commissioned for commercial venues. His work has shown during EMULSION, with the Pepco Edison Gallery, Artist Proof and at Fathom Gallery. Additionally, Benedicto’s was featured by Metro Weekly in July 2016.

Open to the Public March 29th-31st, 12:00pm – 2:00pm
Special Reception with Artist Remarks March 30th, 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Fathom Gallery is a multi use event space located in the heart of Logan Circle in Washington, DC. In addition to private events, Fathom Gallery fosters an appreciation for local arts, culture, digital and interactive art and design.



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