Between Coat Checks and Fire Hydrants

There are an infinite number of ways and forms for going out and grooving in DC, but I must say, this heat is getting me down. This past winter again confirmed my vow to “not go out again until I don’t have to pay to check my coat! Damn, it’s cold!” But now that the balmy summer season has arrived, I may have to stay in exclusively cool places until I don’t want to jump into yard sprinklers on the way to the metro.

In DC, I know “summer has arrived” when I see men proudly carrying sweat rags on the metro. But if you must go out (and I encourage this, just to show me who’s tough), there are some super-fun (and free-ish) activities out there.
Tuesdays at 8pm, Navy bands and drill teams will provide free concerts on the Granite Sea at the Archives/Navy Memorial metro. It should be sort of cooled off by 8:00, right? I suggest stopping at Oyamel for some phenomenal $4 margaritas during their hora feliz (4:30 – 6:30. And I strongly suggest getting there early while the bartenders are still nice).

Saturdays at free (FREE!) at the Corcoran Gallery of Art
through the beginning of September. The Corcoran is one of the the few museums/galleries in DC that actually charges admission. Just who do these people think they are?! This is DC; culture is free here! I hate to play into their little ploy, that being, “we’re going to let you come free one Saturday, you will fall in love with the stop-action Muybridges, be reminded of learning about the birth of film during your formative elementary school years, then PAY to come back for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!! Hahahaha, ha!” Perhaps, Corcoran Gallery, perhaps. We shall see.
Sunday Pool Day, at the Capitol Skyline Hotel or somewhere else. Somewhere else, your $15 could go towards admission, beer, ice, avocados and mozzarella, AND a floaty toy, BUT at the Capitol Skyline, you get Spike Mendelsohn. That’s right, the hat guy. I liked him on Top Chef just for the hats. REGARDLESS of hat, for the $15 admission price on Sundays, you get a burger with all the fixins. And you get to say you touched Spike’s hat. Which I hope you will, dear reader. I hope you will.
Be cool, DC!

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