If Metro Doesn’t Kill You, It’ll Make You Stronger

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of the Red Line metro crash, which brought me a bevy of texts this time last year. I felt so loved, but also so uncannily fortunate not to have been on that train. After the crash last June, several metro workers were killed or injured in other incidents, and more than a few riders have been struck by trains. The Post on Tuesday moaned, “the transit authority’s safety record has worsened, and officials acknowledge that there has been too little progress.” Why are we riding metro at all?! This thing is a deathtrap!

Because we like to and we don’t believe it will happen to us. But more than that, metro is like a friend you can count on. He may be an absolute jerk who says he’ll pick you up at the airport and doesn’t show up, but he’s your jerk. Metro is there for DC residents to use and abuse, and that is why we like it. Because it is there. And it will be there forever. Rather than cutting service (fewer trains and earlier closures), the metro board voted to raise fares. Yes, this sucks. But the metro will keep on taking us where we want to go. At least until all of DC gets wise and starts biking everywhere.

In the meantime, try to enjoy riding the metro. It may suck, but it will stick around. Enjoy the ride. Be like this guy.

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